Friendship Day 2020

The name itself clear that these days Friendship resemble T20 Matches which over inside an exceptionally limited capacity to focus time and after hardly any time they overlooked the time which was spended . The things now days are not lasting as they were intends to changeless years back everything is act like they are made in china (use and toss).The Quality of frienship degrading day by day.

In School times I recall that some folks said to me that having a Friendship band in your grasp characterizes the quantity of companions you have made and they will stay in your life for until the end of time. That time I feel Humilated that I am not having numerous Friendship Band Infact I am just Having 2-3. After Some opportunity 2 individuals came into my life and afterward things got totally transformed they made my school memory delightful as well as made my life astonishing. I once in a while open up with anybody yet before these I can’t Keep calm time was constrained and talks and dreams were boundless.

Doing Friendship is simple yet keeping up it for quite a long time and years requires Skills , persistence and quit worrying about mentality. Investing energy and holding it too , grumbling yet never leaving also make some bond increasingly more grounded. Thoughts that change your fantasies into reality relies on the association you were having . For the most part in everybody life there are a type of this individuals introduced which are not in the least replacable.

Hold Them Tightly and never leave them if you think they are your Best Friend for this Era.


Happy Friendship Day  💛💛Snapchat-1608662869.jpg💖

The girl of my dreams

I have discovered the one however lost her as well. There is loads of correspondence hole between us these days But what would i be able to do. Its almost 3.5 years when we got isolated yet at the same time she is in my fantasies. An ideal motions of her grin and an abnormal look despite everything reflecting in my fantasy so unmistakably that I woke up from dreams to prevent her from going.

Now and again I could hardly imagine how something has happend between us? Not on the grounds that we are talking but since of she is still in my fantasy . She had just left with her impressions in my dreams  and recollections of her so solid that can at present make me grin. Since from most recent couple of days I was missing something yet incapable to make sense of yet today I got the whom I was absent. According to individuals suppositions I have may companions yet according to me the genuine one she was not there .

We can’t make command over anybody just we must be them as they were. An encounter hitted me so hard that from that day still today I can’t overlook that thing. There ought to be medication which mends the words verbally expressed or to recuperate the terrible recollections. For all intents and purposes saying now a days things does not matter to me in what the way are rewarding me commonly they objection too that I am not tuning in to them that time I understood that multi year prior somebody has commended for listening . Its unusual to respond or to answer so I want to change the subject of discussion I can’t communicate my thoughts these days to somebody as the manner in which I used to communicate before her.

Here and there I accuse time too why you are moving so quick that a squint of an eye and 3.5 Years had gone . Everybody says time mends the things yet I can unequivocally restrict the announcements as not everything a few impressions , somebody’s exceptional recollections or may the that individual whom we had felt alright with or the response of them can’t be recuperated. I love to catch the recollections of my preferred things however why I can’t catch her might be a direct result of every time with her like a memory just . Things can get ordinary again however the individual can’t!!

Some Favorite notification now days I can’t get may be the explanation that  might be I additionally not be most loved in another person life each feeling get over before 3.5 years now I used to be so pragmatic individual that I can’t think previously however as I have referenced above 3.5 years out of that a half year was where I have attempt all snares a hooligan to again be a major part of my life and from because of the WordPress I have get an opportunity to contact with her once more. So I chose not to reveal her name however essentially I can make recollections by sparing m considerations through a blog author. Well I am not a blog essayist I just began this stuff to get in touch with her as it were.

Truly!! She was my nearest closest best friend and the person who realizes me better than myself There is message for her that yes still you are in my Dreams and fulfilling me like in prior years you do I miss you alot !!


Egoistic love

Once there was an Island where all the sentiments and feelings lived respectively. One day a major tempest from the ocean was going to hit the island. Each feeling on the island was terrified, yet Love made a vessel to get away.

All the emotions hopped in the vessel aside from one inclination. Love got down to see what it’s identity was. It was Ego! Love attempted its best to carry inner self to the vessel, however Ego didn’t move.

Everybody requested that Love leave Ego and come in the vessel, yet Love was intended to Love. It stayed with Ego. Every single other feeling were left invigorated however Love passed on due to Ego!

In the present time when you show your full love and care to somebody no issue they are content with you however when you anticipate from them same consequently you don’t get. Is it sense of self ??? I asked they answered no you are too judgemental nothing is this way so I tried them and quit talking and what I received same thing consequently hellfire yes absolutely unforeseen may me I had minded excessively or might be I don’t have that much worth in their eyes that is the reason they didn’t attempt to ask out of nowhere what had occurred with you basically I began moving endlessly from them just to see whether they will stop me as I do or they will release me and yes I found the solution by observing their personality over my affection!

Their EGO wins the battle..!


Ha shyad ab sambhalne ka waqt aa chuka

Jinko apna mana ta unki duri samj ane lagi hai

Samaja tha ki vo samjta/ti hai muje par shyad muje samaj ane lga hai ab ki ye waqt firse sambhalne ka aa chuka hai

Shayad usnse puchne ki himat ni hui na vo bol paye kamoshi ke saffer me aaj fir se khud ko sambhal jane ka ishara mil gya

Kabhi bol na saka usko ki dil k kite karib h bs meri isi kamoshi ko usne muh mod sa liya usne

Bitey waqt ne yaadein to khub di pr kuch nayi yadon se phle hi chetwani si jata di

Ha dekha uski ankho me mehsus kiya uske baju me hokr ki ye dunia khalyug wali hai koi kisi ka saga ni or koi kisi ka apna nai bs har raah pr chltey chlo jo purane ho unko chodo naye s milo bikhro or fir sambhal jao na jane vo yug sa gayab hogya jab ghantey bhr bhi bitaey samey ka mol soney(goldl se bhi anmol ta or aaj k waqt me agr ap kisi bhi tarha s “cool ” na hoto thokr si log deh jatey h shuk ra guzar hu m us waqkt ka jisme kuch log mil gye they sambhal n vale mjko pr ab chinta bhi yahi h ki ky vo rahenge ya chor k chle jaenge??

Besto tale..! 💛

We spent a lot of time together in this phase of becoming Friends to best friend. We had a lot of memories together and we also had a lot of fights. Recently, when we are together, I told you that I like you and I was expecting you to respond after learning that you laughed and you ended the conversation there. I was somewhat puzzled that what was your response and I reattempted the outcome was same every time. Since many days, I decided to share something that I wanted to tell you that yes I like you I know this sounds weird hahahaha but I wanted to share it.
Explaining feelings was a very difficult task for me to you. I don’t know from where to began so I decided to share some of my feelings through this blog.

Every moment you and I spend together is so beautiful that for no reason whatsoever I find myself smiling. I figured I’d never find a love as deep as ours, but now that we’ve found each other, I know you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, the person I want to marry, the person I want to have children, and the person I want to grow old. I can’t describe the kind of joy I feel when I hear beeps from my cell phone and receive your sweet text message which was never be sweet till date. I deserve to know what’s inside your heart and mind. You know you are my unrequited love. A love that I think I am the only one knows the feeling of pain and happiness. Pain, because you can’t be mine regardless of what I do. And happiness because you’re my best friend, I’m always happy.

Palko tale nind aa k bhi apni aagosh me na le paae ..
To Smjh Lena ki mohabbat ki aagosh me ho tum !

उस नज़र को मत देखो,
जो आपको देखने से इनकार करती है,
दुनियां की भीड़ में उस नज़र को देखो,
जो सिर्फ आपका इंतजार करती है।


A letter of love 💛

A journey with a beautiful smile.

Yes you read it correct a smile which made me smile too sounding weird??
If you know me a little more, you probably already wonder: “What in the world is going on with this boy?!”. I always said that there is not such thing as love at first sight. And I was never afraid of saying it out loud. But now, I don’t totally agree with myself anymore. And that’s not because I fell in love the first moment I saw you. See, I don’t remember the first time I saw you, nor the second or the third.

I wish you could be mine…

You are a beauty ..the same is your soul..

And I could ask you…

To watch the spark in my eyes for you.

To enchant me with your voice..

To embrace the imperfections we posses..

To share each others dream..

I wish you were here..

I blushed with the last word.. I could feel red flush all over my cheek and ear.
I was scared to tell you about this, out of fear that I would end up getting hurt, but finally I did 😂 and the best thing is you are more curious than me for this.

Its not about love and all its just a sweet smile for you which I oftenly gives you on short intervals and you asked the reason for that . The reason is you and its simple I am comfortable and very happy with you and without any hesitation I can share any thing with you. Randomly I look into your eyes and that particular moment I want to get captured but you already hate your weird random clicks so I couldn’t so I just imagine and expressed in some fewwords.
We had a good year and I hope up coming one is even better!!!


Cherish moment – Analysis of me

Having a late night deep conversation with a person whom I had fighted the most has talked to me after over a couple of month’s fight where the words of her melted my heart. A perfect picture of mine she described in some lines and proved me wrong that best friend never get changed irrespective of whether they talked with me on a daily grounds or on a gap of years.

The mintues of the conversation which made me melted are as follows

  • You don’t trust easily and when you do you trust people madly!
  • You don’t like talking to people.But when you do you wanna talk about every single thing
  • You never enjoy parties, but with your comfort zone you are free like fire
  • You don’t like sharing your people with anybody! Seeing them with somebody else your heart breaks down into pieces
  • You show yourself as that you are much stronger and you don’t need anyone perhaps it is not true you need people around you to pamper you , love you and talk with you

All such small things may be weird in listening makes me feel good after one year of sadness and loneliness

Thanks to you bestie 💛💛


Your one of the biggest enemy

Yours Photocopy 😂😂

A 21st birthday letter

Dear sisa

On the 24th of this July I shall have completed yet another year of my life. I shall be 21!

It’s not just a easy journey with you. We often get jealous with each other and we had fought many times and yes we had lots of competition between us. But when I recall all this incident it make me smile and I laugh on myself only that how much weird I was. Yes that time got over. Its like just about yesterday that we both are in same class for 13 years and didn’t spoke a single word. Its sound crazy our family laugh on both of us that we didn’t utter a single word but now its not like everything had changed now we can’t stay without talking and having lots of senseless discussion.

You’re truly the best sister and friend a boy could ask for.

It’s that time of year again where I send you a snarky, sarcastic card making fun of you being younger than me.

I wonder sometimes just how you endure my jokes, and pranks, and charades. Then it hits me: I put up with all of yours too so I guess we’ve figured this whole thing out. Here’s to many more years of fun and jokes together.

Thank you for being who you are. I can come to you about different situations and insecurities and get your honest thoughts about what’s going on, regardless of if it’s what I want to hear or not. You remind me that it’s okay to not be happy and energetic all the time, but also tell me when it’s time to get over myself and move on from things I’m dwelling on from the past.

You’re my level-headed, introverted other half that can match my every joke with an immediate, sarcastic response that I have a 67% chance to not understand.

You’re my reluctant kitchen dance partner.

My mango smoothie sister.

I hope you have an incredible, awesome, amazing, fantastic, show stopping, “sickening”birthday.

Happy birthday ❤❤❤❤

Having you four in my life is just an adorable moment. Can’t define my love in few sentence but yes you all are my jaan and I always count you on my finger at time of trouble😂😂

My foodie partners

My bunkers

My students *only exam time*

My hangout partners

My soulmate

My chief

And last my family ❤

Thank you so much you all are gem of my life 😉


Since after a long time I’ve realise something that everyone understand but they can’t be just like to share the feeling like I do & due to fail in express their feeling I always shout at them & fight with them.

I’m writing this message cause I feel really bad, thinking about the way I hurt you makes me really sad.
I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you and I regret the things I’ve done. I’ve lost the 1 girl I’ve ever loved and it was cause of the things I’ve done.

These tears that run down my cheek are filled with sadness and hurt, because I loved you so much and now I know that it will never work 😦 I messed up and now I see that you mean the absolute world to me.
I know sorry’s not enough because I’m such a screw up.. But for whatever its worth I wanted to say, that you cross my mind every single day…!

सिर्फ शब्दों से न करना, किसी के वजूद की पहचान

हर कोई, उतना कह नहीं पाता,जितना समझता और महसूस करता है

And this was the message which made me realise that I was wrong & then I thought I can’t say sorry directly so I thought by writing I can it easily.